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Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are considered a useful food for the body, with many benefits for the skin and diet, as they contain essential nutrients for the human body.

All Fresh is planted in approximately 400 hectares of sweet potatoes in two different regions in Egypt, Kafr El-Sheikh and Damietta, when each region is characterized by suitable weather for planting potatoes throughout the year in order to provide the product all year round.

The cultivation begins in the Kafr El-Sheikh area in March, and the harvest is carried out in July of each year, or in Damietta, the cultivation begins in May, June and July, and the harvest begins in October of each year.

Varieties that are mainly grown like Beauregard , Other varieties such as Bellevue and Evangeline, which have proven their worth as production and quality, and have been well received by customers, especially in Germany.

so All Fresh decided to increase the cultivated area of these two varieties to meet the needs of its customers in Europe.

All fresh owns it’s farms certified global gab, grasp , smeta.

All fresh owns as well it’s packing house certified brc safety food and smeta , and A station equipped with the latest equipment to make the necessary curing for potatoes to avoid quality problems for its customers.

All fresh can supply the product year around first grade and processing grade with high level of quality and all kind of packaging available as per customer order .

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