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Iceberg Lettuce


Iceberg Lettuce:

Our Iceberg lettuce is available from first week of December till end of April and we are doing good volumes per our season.

Description One Layer Carton for Supermarket Two Layers Cartons for Processing
Carton dimensions 40*60*16 CM 40*60*27 CM
No. of pallets/Container 20 pallets 20 pallets
No. of Cartons/Pallet 75 cartons 40 Cartons
No. of head/Carton 10 heads 20-22 heads
Approx. net weight/Carton 5.5 KG 11-12 KG
No. of cartons/Container 1500 Cartons 800 Cartons
Approx. net weight/Container 8,250 ton 8 – 10 ton
Bags Every head in an isolated bag All heads are in one big perforated bag

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