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Fresh Grapes:

Egyptian fresh grapes are in high demand worldwide due to its premium quality, natural sweet flavor and delicious taste. Our fresh grapes harvesting and packing takes maximum 3 hours to maintain its premium quality.

*Window and Specifications of our fresh Grapes varieties:

Variety Availability Diameter/size Brix/sugar Level
White Sugraone Seedless From week 21 till week 27 +17mm Minimum 16%
Red Flame Seedless From week 23 till week 28 17mm Minimum 17%
Red Crimson Seedless From week 27 till week 36 17mm Minimum 17%
Red Globe (Seeded) From week 28 till week 33 22-30mm Minimum 16%


*Grapes’ Packing for Sea shipments:

Carton net Weight No. of bags/ punnets/carton Cartons/pallet Pallets/ container Cartons/ container Container Net Weight/ton
4.5 KG 9 plastic bags*500gm 170 20 3,400 15,300
5 KG 10 punnets*500gm 120 20 2,400 12,000
9 KG 18 plastic bags*500gm 85 20 1,700 15,300

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