We Are All Fresh

Fresh Products From Egypt

All Fresh Company is one of the largest farmers of sweet potatoes, strawberries , onions in Egypt, where it began to cultivate sweet potatoes with local varieties with red skin and red flesh , which were desired by the local market in Egypt and the neighboring Arab countries.  All fresh import Mother plants from the United States of America, such as the Beauregard  variety, which is characterized by a long storage period, excellent taste and color, and new varieties Bellevue , Evangeline.

Beside sweet potatoes All fresh grow as well strawberries that considered the profession from father to son .

All Fresh owns its own farms located on the banks of River Nile , where fertile lands are suitable for growing different kinds of crops .

All Fresh  plants  in an area of 700 hectares  to meet the demands of its customers  year around

All Fresh owns the quality certificates required to supply the product to international supermarkets, such as Global Gap, Grasp , Sedex Smeta , BRC food safety.

All Fresh is able to provide a level of quality that satisfies all customers all over the world.